Pups in the kitchen ~ #Tanka

She is very sweet
When we’re at the kitchen sink
Curled up at my feet
Making it hard to retreat
That’s why my training is weak



Wind advisory ⚠️ #Tanka

Violent winds thrash
Autumn colors stripped, barren
Leaves scurried away
Playful pups give chase and taste
With confused look on their face



I see you everyday
Though it’s been 8 months
Since you went away
My memories will stay
You were always my pup
Even when old and grey




I can’t staunch these tears that flow
Heavy, my head is held to the pillow
Staring out, through a sunny window

It was you, there from the ground
Who always lifted me up when down
Now it’s just emptiness with no sound

That clickety-clack tap against tiles
Rushing down the hall to bring me smiles
Nine and half years, we covered many miles

Hand out for your greeting at my bed
You knew when I woke without lifting my head
I didn’t need papers, your love & duty was purebred

You tried to tell us and fought hard to survive
We tried our damnedest, it felt like the longest ride
They tried CPR to revive, but we had to say our goodbyes

-Tara RIP

03.23.2006 – 08.14.2015


My Shadow

One true loyalty
My shadow always follows
I protect and lead
Spoiled and stubborn, aging ways
Puppy love shared all the same


Sun Bathing


90lbs of hairy love & protection

Laying around every day
Soaking up the daily sun
Cause I’m the spoiled one
I chase the critters away
But I need to go for a run


Sleeping Wags

23 of 31 OctPoWriMo

In her sleep she wags

Her tail, and I like to think

It’s because of me

She dreams of morning treats, and

Walks, parks, bones, toys and well, me



This is my ninety pound, 8 year old puppy.