Darkness Embraced

In the darkness is where I lay the troubles of  hardened days Protected under the cover of night, wings safely on display Absent is the fear from those who judge and criticize Divergence from communal norms, garnering exquisite prizes Cloaked behind the reassuring security of the shadows Excluding the self-confident one who challenged and followedContinue reading “Darkness Embraced”

Treacherous Waters

    Frigid waters soar Unable to reach the shore Aching extremities cease to fight Rising tides surge under full moonlight Threatening swells claim all my attention Exhaustion sets in and the sea begins to win Thrashing about as dragged beneath the surface Adrenalin spikes one last time, energy to resurface Seeking a precious breathContinue reading “Treacherous Waters”


I is for… Inside Inside Abandoned In the black A place to hide Windows sealed Entry boarded up No trespassing sign Solid walls constructed Keeping up my defenses Restricting your entrance Posting ignored Boundary breached A human battleground Wielded determination Resolve, strength and kindness Pulled me out of the sheltered segregation Easing the pain andContinue reading “Inside”