Lifetime Debits ~ #Haiku string

We know it to be all true
Yet we do nothing

Save inconveniences
Up like a living trust fund
Collecting your change

Life in denial
Banking there’s a tomorrow
Cashing out sorrow


News Update ~ #Haiku string

I do wish I cared
More about our world affairs
Let’s play truth or dare


Truth of the matter
I care enough that it’s tough
Watching the corrupt

Dare I say we’re split
Between democracy and
Lost humanity

Our nation is great
The people have what it takes
So why do we wait

We are infested
With blood sucking fleas and ticks
Let’s eradicate


…the continuation of yesterday’s Haiku quoted at the top.




Chasing sun rays
That inevitably escape
At the end of each day

Soon darkness invades
Hurry run the other way
It’s not too late

Try and stay awake
Watching shadows play
Tricks as demons slay


No Victors #Peace

How many of you
Are willing to give and take
As we continue
To have this killing debate
Without a championship


One Word Photo Challenge: Ceiling

JW 1 word pic

All of these feelings

Are trapped against the ceiling

Holding my love within a noose

Under humility’s roof

Folded within a paper house

Sealed forever in doubts

Right out of the Victorian era

Shrouded in night terrors

A tale thousand times told

You know how the story goes

Table tops and book covers

Nestled in the corner as lovers

Collecting dust and growing old


In response to Jennifer Nichole Wells one-word-photo-challenge: ceiling



Art by: Alessio Albi

Art by: Alessio Albi

Navigating aquatic passageways
Following the muted light rays

Shining above the calm surface
Breaking through with purpose

Tangled in life’s painful ropes
Restricting the breath of hope

Sinking back into depths below
Following channels that flow

Emerging over and over again
Frightened kids, we call men

Struggling to swim upstream
A daily occupational regime

In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Photo Challenge #120


Scythe (repost)










At the twilight

Under a magical guise

Carrying her enchanted scythe

She moved stealthily throughout the night

Tracking down the corrupted and served destruction

Under the pretense that she was the bearer of the righteous light

At morning’s dawn, she laid down her blade, and prayed for the pain to go away.