2020 A new decade ~ #poem

Golden shiny Happy New Year

A new decade
Is on its way
Beckoning change

At the end of the day
No need to look away
Let alone be afraid

It’s time to strip away
Pretentious charades
Hate that pervades

Let go of the shame
Relinquish any blame
Allow animosity to fade

Until all that remains
Is yours to take claim
In humanitarian gains

Give out accolades
Watch what you say
Hear what’s conveyed


Somebody already broke my heart

I put the pieces back together

Called it a work of art

Every now and then it’ll fall apart

Around tender and weak parts

When I slip into the dark

In these words of wisdom I impart

You too deserve a fresh start

To find your counterpart

Keep playing; throw the darts

Until you hit and perfect the mark

Then reveal all your cards

Be selective; order à la carte

To savor all your favorite parts