2 for 1 ~ #Cinquain #Poem

Toppings until it cloaks
Those croaking, four-legged toads up
For sale

Wow what do you know, two weeks in a row…I’m on a roll to where nobody knows. Thanks for stopping in, and if you want to join in the fun check out the details here:

Colleen Chesebro’s weekly prompt!




Reckless pride prevaricated by his flapping jaws was struck with a blinding force knocking his body to the ground where he laid in a stupor as the rain drizzled around him like a fixture and the droplets pelted an astral chord.

As usual, I bent the rules to my liking,  and had a little fun with today’s Wordle.


Red Blends


“Forward, silky, smooth and approachable…”

A perfect blending of the red varieties

Melding in harmony, a California wine

Liberating concerns ensued by society

Lingering on tastebuds longing for more

Good cheers to all!


Have You Been to The Neighborhood?

No? Well it’s not too late and now is the perfect time as many talented artists are being showcased together in the Season ending award series.

It’s the kind of place where all sorts of talent and magic are performed.   I was lucky and wandered into The Neighborhood in 2014, and then was personally invited by the multi-talented Kendall Pearson to join an Original Series over the summer, which was both terrifying and exciting at the same time.  Now, I can say that The Neighborhood is an environment that fosters a community of comradery and offers support – I am not afraid. However,  I am grateful for the opportunities in 2014 to flex my creative muscle and contribute, and I look forward to more adventures in 2015 together.

Without further delay here are the links to the 2014 Season-ending Show(s): Goodbye My Love & Thepublicblogger Awards

Day One

Day Two  (my words made a brief appearance in this show)

Lastly, be sure to follow The Public Blogger, so that you don’t miss the Day Three Finale on 12/30/14.


Candle of Hope

source gallery hip.com

source: galleryhip.com

Beyond the darkness
Illuminated courage
Reaches the surface
Embodying eternal strength
Born of fire, a new day

Rising up from ash
Shedding a difficult past
Finding new purpose
Lighting the candle of hope
Learning to let go and grow


Winter Sun

My pic & roadside path

My pic & roadside path

Seasons do change
Growth tends to slow
Yet greenery remains
Alongside the road

Mongrel at my side
Familiar worn path
Even measured strides
Helps me to relax

Bright blue skies
Warming my skin
Valued golden prize
Shines deep within

Ready and able
Thriving today
Always thankful
For another day