Joe ~ #Tanka #Poem

Rich, bold and luring
Invigorating body
Stimulates my mind

The moment my lips touch
Sweet, creamy heat in my cup


We All Fall 🍁 🍃 🍂 #Haiku

Wind, sun sneaks away
To Autumnal equinox
We all Fall in love

In seasonal bliss
Infusing our pumpkin spice
Morning, noon and night

Stirring up pleasures
Meant for cuddling up weather
Each year together

Twilight Zone


How many days turn

To sleepless nights

That pass us by

In a blink of an eye

Unable to discern

What’s wrong or right


Open the windows

Let the light shine

Breathe in fresh air

Exhale toxic cares

Sink into the pillows

As the terminator aligns


The Long Haul

You can’t be in it just for a day
Your heart needs to be committed to stay
Knowing that there’ll be barriers along the way
To overcome by being honest – mean what you say

Now listen to what isn’t being said
I want you to get it all out of your head
Our words are meant to be shared, spoken and read
So give yourself the permission needed to move ahead

Hunker down it’ll be a long haul
Don’t be afraid I’ll catch you if you fall
Always remember that you’ll never please them all
It’s up to you now, there’s no time left to waste or stall


Prompt from Saturday (thanks Judy!) and for my friends over at the IECWC.


Scythe (repost)










At the twilight

Under a magical guise

Carrying her enchanted scythe

She moved stealthily throughout the night

Tracking down the corrupted and served destruction

Under the pretense that she was the bearer of the righteous light

At morning’s dawn, she laid down her blade, and prayed for the pain to go away.



A Dragon Without Tales


I fell off the wagon
Found a Magic Dragon
No, I’m not bragging
It’s left me staggering
From here to there,
Yet I go nowhere
Words taunt and dare
Does anyone care?
When all else fails,
Scratch the scales
Pull hard on its tail
For a murderous wail
Where’s the glory
Tell me a new story
This one bores me
It sounds so corny


Inventive Subjugation


Here I stand at a crossroads
Staring off into the distance,
As I wait patiently and listen
Loyally, for the next episode

Commanding are rules to role
I struggle with the instructions
It’s the bane of self-destruction
Governing beyond my control

I let the true stories unfold
Taking a path of insistence
Though there’ll be resistance
Accepted in confusions hold

Baring the secret of horrors
Twisting the preferred reality
Toeing the fine line of fantasy
Hidden behind each closed door

Extending around the globe
Reaching into hearts and souls
Where kindred spirits do roam
Together in a place called home

Original piece featured in A Star is Born – Round VI Raw that served to throw me off The Neighborhood stage.