The black coffee mug

Sitting here in the back row Watching and waiting as events unfold  Anticipating the wild stories yet to be told Wondering if the cup is growing mold The thought of smelling a cup That everyone’s already touched Triggers a compulsive tinge of disgust  But who am I to put up a fuss –Live show & tellContinue reading “The black coffee mug”

Scythe (repost)

                At the twilight Under a magical guise Carrying her enchanted scythe She moved stealthily throughout the night Tracking down the corrupted and served destruction Under the pretense that she was the bearer of the righteous light At morning’s dawn, she laid down her blade, and prayed forContinue reading “Scythe (repost)”

A Dragon Without Tales

I fell off the wagon Found a Magic Dragon No, I’m not bragging It’s left me staggering From here to there, Yet I go nowhere Words taunt and dare Does anyone care? When all else fails, Scratch the scales Pull hard on its tail For a murderous wail Where’s the glory Tell me a newContinue reading “A Dragon Without Tales”

Inventive Subjugation

  Here I stand at a crossroads Staring off into the distance, As I wait patiently and listen Loyally, for the next episode Commanding are rules to role I struggle with the instructions It’s the bane of self-destruction Governing beyond my control I let the true stories unfold Taking a path of insistence Though there’llContinue reading “Inventive Subjugation”

Mustn’t Run Away

Grinding his molars as he cleans the blade Looks into the mirror with rage on his face It was a good day till she tried to get away Unable to run or walk, now she’ll have to stay Watches her face distort as she lies and dreams Remembering how the whiskey made her scream DousedContinue reading “Mustn’t Run Away”

Topic: Those Quirky Rules of Grammar and Punctuation

Once upon a time, I shared insights and tid-bits from the monthly writers club meetings that I attend regularly, and since I haven’t written much on my own lately I thought it might be a good time to pick that habit back up.  So tune in next week when I share information acquired from theContinue reading “Topic: Those Quirky Rules of Grammar and Punctuation”

Elizabeth’s Adventures (pt.1)

  There once was a girl who wandered deep into the forest and discovered a clearing covered with black scorched rocks that glistened under the harsh sun like brilliant onyx gems. Beyond the jagged rocks she spotted what appeared to be the mouth of cave. Curious, the girl slung her sack full of books andContinue reading “Elizabeth’s Adventures (pt.1)”

Our Beautiful World

  My sight is filled with the wondrous colors of the world. Luscious greenery surrounds and produces oxygen to breathe, which fills our lungs with the precious life. Various shades of brown offering rich, nutrient soil that allows the seeds sowed to take root and grow bounties to strengthen life. Ominous grey clouds that hangContinue reading “Our Beautiful World”

Freefly (Wordle #48)

Looking out the side window, every crack and crevice of the earth looked intimidating as they continued their ascent. This was ridiculous Tommy thought; as he masticated his decision and sought to justify his actions to keep from combusting, or even worse, backing out. After all, they agreed to jump together before taking the finalContinue reading “Freefly (Wordle #48)”

Time to Rise

Discharging from the hostile stare Daggers shoot through the cold air Trapped within your adverse lair ~  Wielding a double-edged sword Piercing my heart with vicious words Lacerating my soul, severely scored ~  My response is stuck in my throat Bile bubbling up, making me choke Immobilized under the fear of control ~  Despite tearsContinue reading “Time to Rise”


Bursting with color an assortment of feelings displayed around every corner in the oddest nooks. Reminiscent of strolling along the boardwalk and ducking into the candy shop for banana salt-water taffy stretched to perfection and twisted with cheery jubilee. Lush key lime pie nestled in a buttery graham cracker crust. Picnic basket and blanket takenContinue reading “Symptomatic”

Sweet Dreams

There once was a young woman who was born to peasants. Her parents worked hard each day for their daily bread. The family was quite poor, but the girl had three outfits to choose and two would remain hanging in the shared armoire. Every night, no matter how tired her Pa was from the hardContinue reading “Sweet Dreams”


Depleted, Nixie collapsed in the middle of the road while taking an evening stroll. She enjoyed the California heat, sunshine, and palm trees that swayed, but living in the desert took its toll leaving the land and water sprite dehydrated. Forcing the gods to pour down and revive them both. *A fifty-word story for thisContinue reading “Parched”

Time Out

Attempting to get a grip He strikes another match Watches the flame flicker As it burns his fingertips Pondering his possession Before igniting his cigarette Hanging freely from his lip She’s chained in the basement Her muffled cries are heard While he savors a burning sip Of whiskey as her blood drips ~This is aContinue reading “Time Out”

Have You Been to The Neighborhood?

No? Well it’s not too late and now is the perfect time as many talented artists are being showcased together in the Season ending award series. It’s the kind of place where all sorts of talent and magic are performed.   I was lucky and wandered into The Neighborhood in 2014, and then was personally invitedContinue reading “Have You Been to The Neighborhood?”

A Snippet & Thought

“There’s nothing here…But off in the distance, maybe across the stream, I can hear something. Movement. Perhaps some sort of small animal.” She scrunched her eyes shut tighter, furrowing her brows in concentration, “Yes, I think it’s a small animal of some sort. Roaming. Slowly. Grazing. That’s weird; I shouldn’t be able to hear anyContinue reading “A Snippet & Thought”

Why I Write

Severed seams and deep bleeding Trickling from my very being Thoughts that seep out from my head That are surely best left unsaid Screaming out loud every night Putting up a damn good fight Beseeching a chance to be read Before forever left for dead Blood splatters of ink are dropped Persistently marking a spotContinue reading “Why I Write”