Once again I find myself standing Looking in to admire Her inner beauty Illuminating everything That’s classically hidden Behind a sturdy exterior Made of steel I begin to reflect On polished effects Side-by-side, sinking Counter-depth As temperatures rise She remains cool As a cucumber inside Protecting my food   …and then there’s mine ❤️ FullContinue reading “Icebox”

Smoked Shrimp 🦐 🍤

We’re all just shrimps Swimming from the abyss Getting tossed into mix After heads & tails are pinched Then discarded & ditched Rush through life too quick Find your fingers sorely pricked It’s a risk worth a few sticks Eating rich with a flavor kick Infusing your favorite dish Simmer until you know it’s doneContinue reading “Smoked Shrimp 🦐 🍤”