Haiku #317 – 320

Another blanket of snow, a winter cover white down comforter ~ A sight to be seen glistening on mountain peaks crisp, clad and pristine ~ Clouds retreat, blue skies give way to vibrant sun rays all thoughts melt away ~ A rebirth awaits deep, underneath to spring up near a flowing creek

Home Remedy, Yes Please!

Undress the stress And its suffocating layers It isn’t doing me any favors Covered in high expectations Ruining my immune system Restricting the passageways Leading toward a mini vacation That I’ve already booked & paid It’s time for a home remedy With a fresh plea, God help me Wished into a steaming-hot mug Lemon andContinue reading “Home Remedy, Yes Please!”

The Chill

Ominous clouds roll Inland from the Pacific Paralyzing Californians ~ Falling from the sky Forcing rock, land and mud slides Destruction arrived ~ Flash flood alerts ignored Stupidity observed on TV Doesn’t surprise me ~ Luxury of warmth Remains safe and sound indoors Sipping hot coffee ~ Mother Nature reigns Providing the drought relief DesperatelyContinue reading “The Chill”