Haiku #303-306 (Sunday Mornings)

🌞 Silently we rise In our own time to witness Sunshine at day break ☕️ Sipping hot coffee Reflecting on the nights dream Sweet awakenings 🐕🚨 Quite stillness disturbed Dogs bark, alarms, motors blade All cut thru silence 🕛 Sunday morning slips Far away with household chores Proceeding noon’s break

Rise & Shine – #Poem

If you snooze, you lose When dawn breaks and coffee wakes To greet a new day As the sun arrives Birds rejoice with their sing-song Choirs meant to be heard ~~~ The neighborhood sleeps Void of hustle and bustle In still quietness Listen intently To hear niggling life dreams, while Breathing caffeine’s steam


Percolating beans Slow roasted for my machine Vitalizing coffee steams ~ Steaming hot liquid Breathes energy into me Waking up happy ~ One will never do I simply must have two cups To tackle this new day ~ Fully leaded drink Mixed extra creamy and sweet My daily retreat ~ Savoring each drop Stretching theContinue reading “Coffee-Ku’s”