🎁 Gifts exchanged

Come sit with me awhile Share that warm, radiant smile Let’s exchange our best gifts On the times we’ve spent The stockings are overflowing With luxuries of knowing Stuffed full with the memories Of which you’ve given plenty The present’s perfectly wrapped With a bow, as matter of fact Holding our surprises together To cherishContinue reading “🎁 Gifts exchanged”

2 for 1 ~ #Cinquain #Poem

Drizzle Chocolaty Toppings until it cloaks Those croaking, four-legged toads up For sale Wow what do you know, two weeks in a row…I’m on a roll to where nobody knows. Thanks for stopping in, and if you want to join in the fun check out the details here: Colleen Chesebro’s weekly prompt!

Seasonally adjusted ~ #poem

The biting, crisp reminders Send shivers up my spine From that moment in time – A late December morning When the semi-cool breeze Had enough of record heat Gusting thru the Inland basin Pushing summer to an end Where we all could fall in love With winter once again Plan to ring the New YearContinue reading “Seasonally adjusted ~ #poem”

Holiday Propaganda

Have you ever stopped to ask why It is that you buy into all the lies Sold in countless advertisements That infiltrate our daily way of life Influencing more than what we buy To purchase our holiday excitement All for a great cause with a cost Gift wrapped in our traditions lost Manufactured retailed happinessContinue reading “Holiday Propaganda”

Merry Christmas

The presents are all wrapped It comes and goes in a flash Freeze it in a frame, so it lasts Remember to enjoy and laugh You can always take stuff back *** Live in the holy spirit of giving Let go of the heavy misgivings Tis the season for love, forgiving Lighten up to joyous beginningsContinue reading “Merry Christmas”

DIY <$20: Wash, Bake & Paint

  I had a lone pine cone, which sat on my patio table for months. After each bout of rain I watched it close-up and bloom again when the sun came shining. Then one day, my Mother asked, “What are you going to do with this stupid thing?” I replied, “I’m keeping it because I’mContinue reading “DIY <$20: Wash, Bake & Paint”