Indiscriminately ~ #Tanka #Poem

Sultry wind danced To melodic fluttering With all of the leaves Every shape, size and color Tangoed together at once Oh yes, a prompt with an extra twist – sponsored by Colleen Chesebro at:

Classic Seasons Greetings ~ #Tanka #wordprompt

Drapes of winter snow Layered upon the horizon A picturesque warmth Radiates next to firey hearth Sun is shining, weather’s sweet -In response to word prompts over at:

The Meaning of Life ~ revisiting the beginning

Unto this world a new child is born… Into a culture stricken with madness That is strained by infinite sadness The baby cries out loud when it is torn From its mother’s womb of blackness Out of its protection and comfort The child shrieks at the sudden rejection Life-line severed, a vital connection Removed, theContinue reading “The Meaning of Life ~ revisiting the beginning”

Gone Fishing 🎣 # Haiku #Tanka

A gentle lapping Breaks daily monotony Against calm lakeshore – Haiku A gentle lapping Breaks daily monotony Against calm lakeshore Vacation hooked and baited Nature’s wild, a peaceful feast – Tanka   In response to Ronovan Writes – Haiku challenge #171 using the words = Lake & Calm.

Salon Saloon

She tries to greet every patron With a smile of appreciation Masking the standing situation Of how badly her feet are aching Instead she thinks of her creations And an upcoming vacation It’s Friday afternoon Every seat in the room is nearly taken Rows of women line the floor Manning their stations Mixing obnoxious concoctionsContinue reading “Salon Saloon”

One Word Photo Challenge: Ceiling

All of these feelings Are trapped against the ceiling Holding my love within a noose Under humility’s roof Folded within a paper house Sealed forever in doubts Right out of the Victorian era Shrouded in night terrors A tale thousand times told You know how the story goes Table tops and book covers Nestled inContinue reading “One Word Photo Challenge: Ceiling”


Navigating aquatic passageways Following the muted light rays Shining above the calm surface Breaking through with purpose Tangled in life’s painful ropes Restricting the breath of hope Sinking back into depths below Following channels that flow Emerging over and over again Frightened kids, we call men Struggling to swim upstream A daily occupational regime InContinue reading “Inhalation”

Inventive Subjugation

  Here I stand at a crossroads Staring off into the distance, As I wait patiently and listen Loyally, for the next episode Commanding are rules to role I struggle with the instructions It’s the bane of self-destruction Governing beyond my control I let the true stories unfold Taking a path of insistence Though there’llContinue reading “Inventive Subjugation”

Our Legacy

Forlorn is the spirit that does not have a home Within a beating heart of another to call its own Seeking permanent shelter the weary soul roams Through emotional turmoil heightened by alone Personal endeavors that drive strangers together Divine powers intercede to raise an eternal dynasty Creating strong family bonds that endure forever ValuesContinue reading “Our Legacy”

Hurry – There’s Still Time!

If you haven’t yet been to the polls to vote there’s still time! The polls will remain open until 10:30 AM PST today, so you have about 4 hours to get your booty over there and cast a vote.  Once you’ve casted your votes come back and shake that thang to this groovy trailer clipContinue reading “Hurry – There’s Still Time!”

The Waiting

Charged for crimes she didn’t commit She refused to give up her only consent Holding strong to her innate dark magic Denying to use it as her defense was tragic Held captive beneath the earth’s vile floor Evil spilled each day seeping to the core It was a long tortuous penance she paid For theContinue reading “The Waiting”

Topic: Those Quirky Rules of Grammar and Punctuation

Once upon a time, I shared insights and tid-bits from the monthly writers club meetings that I attend regularly, and since I haven’t written much on my own lately I thought it might be a good time to pick that habit back up.  So tune in next week when I share information acquired from theContinue reading “Topic: Those Quirky Rules of Grammar and Punctuation”