So-So-Cal ~ #Tanka

The high pressure winds
Continue, now seven days
Of red flag warnings

Wild fires and allergies
We fight morning, noon and night


Southern Hades of California

When I stepped outside
I felt the breath of Hades
Tempting me to hide

Run, run, run away
From the U.V. burning rays
Of the mid-day blaze

To or from unknown
Slipped there and through the backdraft
Of love, hell and back



I’m tired of being a slave to the fat
Its weight always holding me back
Consequently, I am taking this path
Hoping to find my freedom at last
As I  get my health back on track
Leaving nothing in life to chance



When it rains it pours

Four in the morning
Rain beats the windows and doors
Battering my heart ❤️
Till emotions are pouring
Issuing flash flood warnings ⚠️


A Taste of Summer


Sweeping in from the high-deserts
Carried in the arms of Santa Ana
Strong gusts rising shirts and skirts
Taking pollution out to sea and Tijuana

Without a cloud in sight, all blue skies
Bring out flip flops and BBQ cookouts
In winter months, California sun shines
Life here is good if there were any doubts

A native I will stay even if I moved away
I would keep coming back for a holiday


Red Blends


“Forward, silky, smooth and approachable…”

A perfect blending of the red varieties

Melding in harmony, a California wine

Liberating concerns ensued by society

Lingering on tastebuds longing for more

Good cheers to all!