Put a spoon in it


Life’s all about give and take
The weekend got in the way
I pulled an emergency break

Allowed dirty dishes to stay
Piled in muck for 1 or 2 days
Till no forks remained in tray

It didn’t bring about doomsday
In fact, I served coconut cake
A spoon simply stood in its place



Sweet Death

Deadly Chocolate Cake
Come a little closer sugar
Let’s get cozier on the sofa
Lie back against my chest
I bet you need a rest
Let me feed you some cake
It took me all day to bake
Don’t rush this moment
There you go, slowly take a bite
Look at me when you swallow, and
Tell me about tomorrow night
…Your words bypass my ears
Delighted that you drained the glass of milk
Here take another bite, oh goodie it is almost gone
Wait, where are you going?
No Stay!
It won’t take long
You croak out what have you done
Now you are just trying to spoil my fun
I see you are going to put up a fight
Not so mighty when gasping in the night
Clawing at your chest is a divine sight
Don’t you dare glare at me
It was you who dared after our last fight
Once you are done struggling
I will lick the icing from your mouth
Then I will get you out of this house