Rough roads ~ #poem

  May your path be deliberate As you travel the forsaken roads Following intuition where it goes For a chance at something different May you have all of your faculties As you consider the pros and cons Avoid being played as someone’s pawn Restricted and taken as a casualty May the benefits outweigh the risksContinue reading “Rough roads ~ #poem”


Take every stock Of emotion to the bank Then cash out every now & again On the Capital Gains Don’t go buying Every good NASDAQ find They’re mostly trending, full of lies Realized in blink of an eye LIFE may be full Of its shares of ups and downs Have faith, payoff’s sure to astoundContinue reading “Diversification”

C is for….Consuming client conferences

C is for…. Consuming client conferences that leave me with virtually no time for creative writing. However, that’s really okay because spending face-to-face time with clients exchanging information is critical to the success of any business. At the end of the day everyone must interact with consumers in order to sell themselves, their products, services,Continue reading “C is for….Consuming client conferences”