Isolationists ~ #Senryu #poems

Mentally exhaustedWe’re physically neglectedIn this together Passing by the timeFollowing the WHO’s biddingFlattening the line RediscoveringA humanitarian’sGenerosity Within our dwellingsOpportunities awaitMake the best of it Let’s get reacquaintedTurn this to our advantageClean out the closets Inspired by Colleen’s 2020 Weekly challenge No. 172, #Poet’sChoice and I spring-boarded from Ritu’s relatable poetry submission.


Somebody already broke my heart I put the pieces back together Called it a work of art Every now and then it’ll fall apart Around tender and weak parts When I slip into the dark In these words of wisdom I impart You too deserve a fresh start To find your counterpart Keep playing; throwContinue reading “Sweetheart”

With exuberance

Your everyday life might not be paradise, and that’s alright When you come to realize it may never be perfect, but it’s always worth it Enjoy the simple pleasures protect your treasures, so they last forever ~~~ Sunrises and sunsets never have any regrets, which we tend to forget Stay snug as a bug inContinue reading “With exuberance”


Her thorns are a mystery each a sweetbrier of history With roots running deep there’s strength in her beliefs She reaches for the sky no rhymes or reasons to justify Thriving in a cold world fighting for space to unfurl Bestowed by unique beauty I find myself beguilingly on duty Barren of emotional leaves yetContinue reading “Floss-silk”

My Cup Runneth Over

Sometimes I don’t even know When my cuppa life overflows With substance others can’t hold Until I am reminded and told By the envious eyes that behold The rich, sweetness that shows To those who lost control and let go Now standing naked and alone Wandering souls and haters exposed As I fill their cupsContinue reading “My Cup Runneth Over”