You’re expected to hold a degree
In this dog-eat-dog world
To be a functioning part of society

Tell me what does it really mean
When students display their dubiety
Perhaps, they aught to pursue a PhD

Education never mattered much to me
I just wanted the rewards and treats

That came with living the dream


Smoked Shrimp 🦐 🍤

We’re all just shrimps
Swimming from the abyss
Getting tossed into mix
After heads & tails are pinched
Then discarded & ditched

Rush through life too quick
Find your fingers sorely pricked
It’s a risk worth a few sticks
Eating rich with a flavor kick
Infusing your favorite dish

Simmer until you know it’s done
When bodies come together as one

Seasonally adjusted ~ #poem

The biting, crisp reminders
Send shivers up my spine
From that moment in time –
A late December morning

When the semi-cool breeze
Had enough of record heat
Gusting thru the Inland basin
Pushing summer to an end

Where we all could fall in love
With winter once again
Plan to ring the New Year in
Wearing our scarfs & gloves

Making spring time resolutions
An intoxicating mix of absolutions

The Meaning of Life ~ revisiting the beginning


Unto this world a new child is born…
Into a culture stricken with madness
That is strained by infinite sadness
The baby cries out loud when it is torn
From its mother’s womb of blackness

Out of its protection and comfort
The child shrieks at the sudden rejection
Life-line severed, a vital connection
Removed, the child suffers in discomfort
Incessant cries appeased through affection

Nurtured by two devoted parents
Naively infecting an open mind
With handed down beliefs over time
Practiced sophisticated appearance
All innocence stripped, a vile crime

Affected by inherent fate
All purity is lost with childhood
Preparing the stage for manhood
Opening only the designated gates
Failing to see or honor brotherhood

Believing all things are possible
Stepping on and over others
Conserving an evil culture
Through faith nothing is impossible
Desperate for acceptance he suffers

Distraught with grief he makes a confession
That defies the righteous path selected
Seeking his truth while preserving respect
Finds value in human connections
Coveting real purpose with acceptance
Do unto others, as you would have them do to you…
It is critical in this world bursting with hurt
To begin giving back and take a stand to divert
Sorrow conceded through needless evil, which condemns
Abhorrent behavior runs rampant on this earth

Look inside and realize it’s a matter of time
Find it within yourself to support another
Elevate their spirit and give them value rather
Than crush their being with egotistical crimes
For through connections, happiness is discovered

Eventually, everyone’s time will come to an end
Once the body expires your soul will disembark
Humanity decrees and chooses light or dark
Lives with purpose and good intent enabled to ascend
Pass over into the light on peaceful sounds of a harp

Irrespective of region, race, or sacred beliefs
Observe the proverbial rule and begin to heal
Our wounded society and slowly turn the wheel
Against malicious intents to cultivate good feelings
United, our sorrows will decline and seem surreal

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself…
Restrain from passing biased judgments
Erase the hate through self-induction
In a time of need, assert oneself
Offer peace rather than destruction

Construct meaningful connections
You are gifted to live and explore
Support your brother, step to the fore
Appreciate all have imperfections
The meaning of life will be restored

As part of a collaborative effort, I wrote these three narrative pieces for my 2014 debut in The Neighborhood , which featured as the prologue, intermission and epilogue in “The Meaning of Life,” series, which can be found at