Proofing ~ #Haiku

A spoonful of couth
Sprinkled on doughs of respect
Make the final rise


Beach day 🏖

I remember going to the beach
And how we stayed up all night packing
As if we were going for week

Loaded everything up in the car
Sans the kitchen sink on little to no sleep
Pulling out in the dark, yet it wasn’t far

Arriving while the tide was still high
The fog breathed heavy, fast asleep
As I shivered with blue and purple thighs

We set up camp at the waters edge
Wrapped in blankets waiting for the heat
Making a claim on premium stead

Unity ~ #Poem

Seize the moments of opportunity

Those that arrive few and far in between 

Our time and space knows no immunity 

Seize the moments of opportunity

Discover power ending with unity 

The possibilities yet to be seen

Seize the moments of opportunity 

Those that arrive few and far in between

Written in response to an IG prompt that called for a Triolet poem, which I haven’t done in a looooong while, so this was my response.