What sets us apart

Everyone has a story to tell About how hard they fell In and out of loves’ peril The masses seem to give-up Rather than hold-on they breakup While we continue to makeup How do we hold it together When others dismiss their forever During ominous, stormy weather What sets us apart When lost in angers’Continue reading “What sets us apart”


You’re expected to hold a degree In this dog-eat-dog world To be a functioning part of society Tell me what does it really mean When students display their dubiety Perhaps, they aught to pursue a PhD Education never mattered much to me I just wanted the rewards and treats That came with living the dream

Seasonally adjusted ~ #poem

The biting, crisp reminders Send shivers up my spine From that moment in time – A late December morning When the semi-cool breeze Had enough of record heat Gusting thru the Inland basin Pushing summer to an end Where we all could fall in love With winter once again Plan to ring the New YearContinue reading “Seasonally adjusted ~ #poem”

Gone Fishing 🎣 # Haiku #Tanka

A gentle lapping Breaks daily monotony Against calm lakeshore – Haiku A gentle lapping Breaks daily monotony Against calm lakeshore Vacation hooked and baited Nature’s wild, a peaceful feast – Tanka   In response to Ronovan Writes – Haiku challenge #171 using the words = Lake & Calm.

Hate Crimes – #Tanka

Towering over, ill placed egos swell with pride while victims cower suffering from their birth rights subject to fearful hate crimes In response to weekly prompt (hate and pride) challenge #45 here: https://butismileanyway.com/2017/08/08/colleens-weekly-poetry-challenge-45-haiku-hate-pride/

Painted Ladies

Glamorous it seems from the eyes of a young child taught to cover up ~ Accentuating their natural-born beauty artistically ~ Sashay Shante, Queens Sis’ of Perpetual Sin spreading awareness   Last week, I stumbled upon the below  site hosting weekly Haiku prompts, and thought fun. This week, I decided to give it a goContinue reading “Painted Ladies”


Navigating aquatic passageways Following the muted light rays Shining above the calm surface Breaking through with purpose Tangled in life’s painful ropes Restricting the breath of hope Sinking back into depths below Following channels that flow Emerging over and over again Frightened kids, we call men Struggling to swim upstream A daily occupational regime InContinue reading “Inhalation”

Open Mind’s Eye

Might I reach for the sky To open your mind’s eye Where happiness lives, And hearts can forgive Pass through heavy clouds Making each other proud As we begin to believe In more than you and me Imaginably a collective us A universe capable of love Minus boundaries known In the past that we’ve shown Bring backContinue reading “Open Mind’s Eye”