Super Bloom 💐 🦋

On my paid commute I’ve seen it a time or two The California “Super Bloom” I’ve even been blindsided By the breathtaking migrants Causing an array of excitement Enthralled by the views (and news) Billions of butterflies & touristy pursuits I took this lousy picture for you


Her thorns are a mystery each a sweetbrier of history With roots running deep there’s strength in her beliefs She reaches for the sky no rhymes or reasons to justify Thriving in a cold world fighting for space to unfurl Bestowed by unique beauty I find myself beguilingly on duty Barren of emotional leaves yetContinue reading “Floss-silk”

Pierced Heart

Perched on a barstool, I focused on the two ice cubes in my 100 proof until they melted away and left me alone with my rambling thoughts and a watered down Scotch. Far off in the distance, I heard a steady rhythm that managed to pull me out of my reverie. It was a classicalContinue reading “Pierced Heart”