Radiance ~ #poem

I’ll never tire
watching the blooms,
or listening to the moon.

I’m a constant admirer 
inhaling sweet perfumes 
while dancing to its tunes.

Together they inspire
cheerfully brighten my room
to chase away gloom and doom.




It’s not a feeling of sadness

It invokes a pure gladness

In dazzling crystalline hues

It provides clarity to views


Blue doesn’t bring you down

It’s the menacing grey clouds

That weighs heavily up above

Always pushing with a shove


Tears spill over like raindrops

At times it’s difficult to stop

But when the clouds dissipate

It’s true happiness to anticipate


~I heard a helicopter flying by (see it?) this morning, so I stepped outside and was gripped by the brilliant blue sky.

Pierced Heart


Perched on a barstool, I focused on the two ice cubes in my 100 proof until they melted away and left me alone with my rambling thoughts and a watered down Scotch. Far off in the distance, I heard a steady rhythm that managed to pull me out of my reverie. It was a classical beat, with a controlled and measured cadence that awakened me. As the tempo rose upon approach, my heart perked up in anticipation of the source. I waited and hoped to catch a glimpse, and then she stepped through the entryway of the lounge where she paused to cast a glance around room. Looking for her companion, no doubt. When she caught my gaze from across the bar a jolt ran through my heart, and with a slight upturn of her ruby red lips she headed my way. She wore all black that embodied pure seduction, and I was held captive as she crossed the room. Her hips swayed with gracious beauty and sex appeal as she approached wearing four-inch heels that elongated shapely legs, which drew my eyes up and over her inviting figure eight curves.  Ample breasts bounced proudly with every step and a full, firm, round derriere jutted out from behind – all  fueling my desire. In my mind I knew that the heels she wore cast an illusion that served to accentuate all of the appetizing attributes, but I didn’t care. When she stood before me and flashed a brilliant smile, the Stiletto dagger slipped in deep to pierce my lonely, aching, loving heart and I was at her mercy from the very start.