Tribute to Nigeria (replay/update/thanks)

Art by Issac Willie


Oh Nigeria, you’ve taught me to believe in something much bigger than me, you brought the meaning of community and wealth by investing in family. The descendants of the Mother Land continue to rise despite the teardrops and bloodshed spelt on fertile soil during the darkest of times its people prosper and shine. Fasting for human rights and studying many lessons throughout long days and nights for a chance that might unite the world in peace against the political fights. May the “Giant of Africa,” forever be blessed with bountiful resources and beautiful people adorned in colorful attire that compliments bright, welcoming smiles.  Everlasting is the ancient works of art that paved the way to creative starts impressing upon us with permanent, influential marks of literature, proverbs, poetry, and music spreading the word. Oh Nigeria, thank you for delivering personal ties and bringing strong values into my life, which allowed me to see the world through another pair of eyes with no lies…as it is.

-Original piece published in: A Star is Born RD V: All Around the World & The Neighborhood Award for a chance to win the Performance of The Year award.  Each week there’s a new challenge with specific tasks that must be carried out. This week it was all about celebrating the arts around the world. Each nominee was asked to host a nation from a short list and I picked Nigeria for selfish reasons to pay homage to my cherished Nigerian, family and friends to recognize the many qualities they’ve introduced into my life.

A big thank you to all of my supporters who managed to keep me in this competition week-over-week with your generous votes. Last week, I slipped down a notch to number five with controversy, but this week I reclaimed my fourth place spot.  I have no idea what’s in store for round VI but be sure to tune in Sunday night cause I just might win this thing if you all stand by my side. 




Elizabeth’s Adventures (pt.1)


There once was a girl who wandered deep into the forest and discovered a clearing covered with black scorched rocks that glistened under the harsh sun like brilliant onyx gems. Beyond the jagged rocks she spotted what appeared to be the mouth of cave. Curious, the girl slung her sack full of books and snacks over her back, and carefully treaded across the sharp rocks to take a closer look. As she peered into the darkness she saw a faint light at the rear of the cave. Cupping her hands around her mouth she called out in to the darkness, “Hello, is there anyone there?” Her small voice echoed back ricocheting off the walls, so she ventured to take a few steps forward and breached the cave’s entrance and confronted with blinding white heat across her face accompanied with a roar, “Who dares to enter my lair!” Stumbling backward she swallowed the hard lump of fear lodge in her throat and said, “Elizabeth, I don’t mean you any harm.” The harmonious sound of her voice dumfounded the dragon and gave the dragon and dissolved his killer instincts. The dragon asked, “What do you want here?” to which her response was immediate, “Friendship, that is all.” The dragon sat in silence and did not know what to make of this unusual and bold girl. He avoided humans and didn’t trust their vile ways, but something was telling him that this girl was different. Intrigued, he called upon his magic to change forms and presented himself as young man to inspect this brave human creature. Only, his magic hadn’t been used in centuries and he failed to veil all of his features. “What is your name?” Darmith asked as he stepped into view. The girl was rendered speechless for the first time in her life by what stepped out, she had never seen or read anything like what stood before her.dragon

Our Beautiful World


My sight is filled with the wondrous colors of the world. Luscious greenery surrounds and produces oxygen to breathe, which fills our lungs with the precious life. Various shades of brown offering rich, nutrient soil that allows the seeds sowed to take root and grow bounties to strengthen life. Ominous grey clouds that hang over purposely to pour down to replenish the parched land and lips. The vibrant colors of flowers and herbs scenting the air, flavoring our dishes, brightening our spirits, and providing home-made remedies. It’s amazing really, the natural beauty that is available to be seen, everywhere.


~In 100 words precisely.



Bursting with color an assortment of feelings displayed around every corner in the oddest nooks. Reminiscent of strolling along the boardwalk and ducking into the candy shop for banana salt-water taffy stretched to perfection and twisted with cheery jubilee. Lush key lime pie nestled in a buttery graham cracker crust. Picnic basket and blanket taken into a flowery meadow for a peaceful day that attracts both the honeybees and me.



Source: We Heart It

A steady stream of youngsters, witches, and high priestess entered the forest wearing lightweight cloaks.  Upon entering the clearing, everyone removed their hoods to greet one another.  Everywhere you looked, women and young girls alike wore their hair plaited in elaborate braids or were adorned with flowered headdresses and gemstones. It was a beautiful sight.  The coven gathered monthly for ceremonies, but today was an extra special celebration, so they arrived earlier to partake in a shared meal and conversation prior to the ceremony.  As the Full Moon rose to the lowest point directly above, illuminating their space in an ethereal blue glow, the coven gathered around the altar that held moon water and candles, and was decorated in a collection of stones, ribbons and mirrors.  Standing silently side-by-side in a large circle with their hands clasped they meditated together and gave thanks for their blessings and requested strength and protection against their future trials. United as one, with their hands firmly clasped they harvested immense life-energy.  Using this energy they cast their heads back toward the sky and called upon the Moon Goddess, Queen of Night, and in a melodic chant asked for her to infuse them with love and wisdom and provide them with guidance under her consistent and protective watch. Releasing their hands at the end of the chant they reached to the sky to caress her and the beauty that represented and reflected back upon them from afar. Each member of the coven then paid tribute to Mother Earth by leaving tokens of appreciation under the grand oak tree near the flowing stream before returning to the clearing to complete their celebration with the cutting of cake and serving of wine and ale.


In recognition of tonight’s Full Moon and Friday the 13th phenomena.

Soul Reaper

“She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world.” ― Joanne Harris

Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

By day Shelby was a beautiful sight to behold for sure. She had an internal allure about her that drew new patrons into her bookstore every day looking for a variety of words, which she kept well stocked. The regular cliental often gathered in the coffee area at the back to share their experiences and interactions with Shelby. It was said that she had a hypnotic, cleansing, and enjoyable affect on all she encountered and that’s what kept them coming back for more. What her patrons didn’t know was that when she looked into their eyes she could reach into their soul and find what ailed them, and to be sure, she reflected their unhappiness back through her knowing orbs as confirmation of the source before proceeding to heal their spirit at little everyday. Occasionally, she would encounter a client that had been sorely wronged by another and to make it right, she would seek them out in her dreams at night. When she slept her spirit wandered the world and beyond, looking to turn predators into prey. She siphoned the life force from evildoers to replenish her strength so that she could continue to help the people who entered her bookstore and heal their spirits with more than the words they sought for comfort or escape.


Joanne Harris’s quote sponsored by Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt inspired this short piece.



Silver’s Release


Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

Held for barter in a cold-dark dungeon, Silver’s spirit nearly withered away. Her captor’s handsome nephew devised a plan that released her from captivity. She made her journey at nightfall, and in the dawning hours she was able to spread her wings in newfound freedom and see the sun rise.


Inspired by DP Fifty Word Story challenge. I find a bite size portion is best when you lack motivation.