Mirror, Mirror…

Art by Bruno Wagner

Art by Bruno Wagner

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Why must you be so cruel?

Didn’t I play by all the rules?

This can’t be me that I see

Gone is the girl I use to be

When did I get to be so old?

I did exactly as I was told

Stayed out of the aging sun

While others were having fun

Developed good daily habits

Except I couldn’t eat like a rabbit

But still, I did my very best

Took care and got plenty of rest

Stop playing these games with me

Give me back the girl I use to be!

-Repost from 2014. As the days roll quickly toward another number on life’s odometer I can’t help but wonder what the future holds.


Witches Brew

31 of 31 OctPoWriMo


Short days and long nights
I’ve gathered ingredients
It’s time to cast spells
Combine tongue, eye, tooth, ear, spleen
Chant a Happy Halloween

~ Tanka

I’d like to send a special shout out to my fellow October Poetry writers for their encouragement, support, expertise, and for being my source of inspiration! And as always, I appreciate each and every one of my devoted followers – every view, like and comment fills me with gratitude and gives me reason to continue. 🙂




28 of 31 OctPorWriMo

When times are tough and it’s difficult to cope

Living with wrenching hardships, loosing control

All that’s left to do is hold on tight to hope


Struggling through the daily chores that take a toll

Angst with meeting everyone else’s simple needs

Disappointment and despair takes a strong hold


It’s more difficult to proceed than concede

Burdens and duties placed by society

Cognizance permits a mind shift to achieve


Believing in your worth curbs anxiety

Lessening the hostile and defeating doubts

From the rich truth and your notoriety


Give yourself the permission to bring about

Joy, love and fulfillment and it’ll work out


~ A Terza Rima Sonnet

~ Image found on Google

Dancing With Fire

27 of 31 OctPoWriMO

It’s late, but on time 🙂


Little Tommy had always been mentally afflicted
Twice he was arrested and then later committed
In a crowded institution that granted his release
Sent him out with a bottle of pills into society
Without any shelter to go or a place to call a home
He covered the dirty, beaten streets and aimlessly roamed
Then one day he saw sweet ruby lips in a radiant face
Infatuated, he stalked her for a week, craving a taste
At last, he stood quietly beside her sleeping, helpless form
How he had wanted for her to willingly give him more
Yet, she had refused to cater to his deep burning needs
Now it was time for reality, he’d force her do the deed
In the still of the night he listened to her steady breathing
His anger growing with each breath until he was seething
The girl that he simply adored had refused his advances
He broke in her place to evaluate and take his chances
When he saw the letters that she had wrote on the table
A tear dropped as he realized that he’d never be able
To court her loveliness, and so now he was conflicted
Striking the match in the night, fueling his second addiction
Engrossed watching her figure dance gracefully in the flame
Extinguishing as it reached his fingers, he called her name


26 of 31 OctPoWriMo

Liz was a delicate doll

Adult woman, yet small

Her beauty enthralled

Leaving Jack appalled

It was a dreadful brawl

He hit her curled in a ball

To the phone she crawled

She tried to make a call

No! On a drunken drawl

He pulled it out of the wall

Then she had a fatal fall

Now she roams these halls

Conjuring shrieking bawls

Reliving her sad befall

Each day at nightfall