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“There’s nothing here…But off in the distance, maybe across the stream, I can hear something. Movement. Perhaps some sort of small animal.” She scrunched her eyes shut tighter, furrowing her brows in concentration, “Yes, I think it’s a small animal of some sort. Roaming. Slowly. Grazing. That’s weird; I shouldn’t be able to hear any of that. But what’s really strange is I have this sudden urge to sneak up on it and see what it’s doing.” Exasperated, Sam exhaled nosily. “That’s really odd. Next time, please remind me to stop at two glasses of wine. A girl has to have limits.”


~Blowing off some of the dust that has been collecting on my unfinished novel.   As much as I prefer to write on the patio in the spring or summer, time is more precious,  and I feel like winter writing is generally most productive.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll make some headway and get this project DONE.


Justice and Mating Collides


J is for… Justice and Mating Collides, my neglected WIP novel that I haven’t touched since 3/28/14, so here’s the next (very) short installment hot off the press.  Feel free to visit their home page linked above for more.

Without speaking a word Sam took the lead and found her way out of the dense forest covering, stepping out from behind the trees and into an open ravine.  Sam tilted her head up toward the towering moon, closed hers eyes as it illuminated her porcelain skin from within and filled her with magical radiance that would give her the strength for the events that were about to unfold in the coming week  Dustin wanted to stand there and admire her in the moonlight all night. Yet with reluctance he gently grasped her bent elbow poking out as she rested her hands her hips, and he leaned in close to whisper, “Where to now?”  As Sam moved toward the running stream she canted her head from left-to-right, actively listening for sounds of movement and then paused at the rushing waters edge.  Dustin knew the moment Sam zeroed in on the source by of the huge smile she flashed just before pointing her finger; accurately upstream in the direction of raccoon family that was frantically working in the night on home improvements. Unexpectedly, Sam crouched down and stepped back lightly upon the twigs and rocks – naturally, as if in wolf form, as she made her way up the stream.  Her actions left Dustin smiling like a giddy schoolboy as he followed in her wake.

Justice and Mating Collides



Detective Dustin Reynolds is heading up an investigation of recent hate crimes committed against women who have been assaulted, raped, and even murdered in his precinct.  The frightened townspeople are depending on him to catch the criminal to restore safety and peace in their community. He is guarding a secret from the human society, and living a dual existence as a werewolf and Enforcer for his pack. As the investigation progresses, he gradually becomes aware that he is not tracking a human predator, but rather a rogue werewolf. Forced to change tactics, he averts the police investigation so that he can eliminate the problem under pack law. During the course of the ongoing investigation his world is turned upside down and he fights to control his animal instincts from the moment he encounters Samantha – his fated mate.  The problem is Samantha has not matured into her she-wolf and does not know of her legacy, so it’s now up to him to maintain composure and keep his overwhelming primal needs to mate in check as he prepares Samantha for two inevitable life-changing events, transitioning and mating ritual.  The rogue gets the upper hand when Samantha is captured, and Dustin goes into rage and will stop at nothing short of death to rescue and avenge his mate. An-all-out wolf hunt ensues to rescue Samantha from the evil wolf-hunter before it’s too late.


For those of you who are kindly following along and providing me with the strength and motivation to keep moving forward a big THANK YOU with virtual hugs!  And for those you stumbling upon this story or blog for the first time, if you like passionate and quirky werewolves with a good dose of mystery/horror you’ve found the right spot.  If werewolves aren’t your thing not to worry as this blog offers a variety of posts, so please come on in take a look around; sample as many goods as you’d like – they are free. 🙂

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Dustin’s Weapons

Credit: Bud's Gun Shop

Credit: Bud’s Gun Shop

Secured in a leather shoulder holster on the right is a Glock model 20, holding 13 rounds of ten mm, in a magnum cartridge that is more suitable for hunting than protection.  A Glock model 29 can be found tucked in either the small of his back or in the front at the waist for comfort and maneuverability. In a pocket sheath strapped to his calf is a Benchmade model 158 CSKII carbon-steel blade. 

Special thanks to my military friend Elena and writing friend Steve for helping me to find suitable heat for Dustin to pack on a regular basis.   Here’s a song to go along with this post… sort of, enjoy!

“Let’s take a moonlight-stroll in the forest, while I share an ancient tale.”



When Samantha saw the golden flecks shimmer to life in his eyes, her grin grew wider. To measure his reaction she boldly bit harder on her trapped bottom lip before releasing it to guide her tongue back and forth across the sensitive, swelling flesh.  A giggle escaped her, breaking the spell and brought Dustin back to his purpose.  With effort, he was able to resume focus on the matter at hand.  He reminded himself that this torture was only temporary.  Once everything was out in the open and acknowledge and accepted, then he would be able to release the caged and frustrated animalistic needs that were growing intensely. He wasn’t sure whose desires were greater, but his wolf clawed at him at times like this when he had to pull back  from its precious gift.  Slight peace was gained through the knowledge that he would be able to claim his chosen – soon.  Dustin tucked a loose strain of hair back from her face and continued, “All those things, along with our chemistry, and your libido.  How did you put it? Coming out of hibernation,” a soft chuckle escaped his throat, “It’s all for a reason and good cause and can be explained.”  He pulled her against his chest in a tight embrace, and rested his chin on the top of her silky-smooth hair and took in her scent.  After a few calming minutes he whispered, “Let’s take a moonlight-stroll in the forest, while I share an ancient tale.”

“I’m not sure that’s wise. It’s too dark; I can barely see, and I don’t want to become prey to some wild animal lurking in the night.”

Dustin released her from his embrace and leaned back to see her ivory skin glow in the moonlight and looked directly in her eyes as he pronounced, “Don’t worry there’s nothing to fear out there.  This is my…territory and I’ll protect you. Not that there is anything out there that you need protection from. Come let’s take a walk it’ll feel good.”


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Revelations Begin (continued with more)


Out on the vast wooden deck that wrapped around the entire cabin, they sat side by side on oversized wooden chaise lounge chairs, in silence, while overlooking the forest edge. Dustin was staring off in deep thought as he contemplated how best to broach the sensitive subject.

“What’s the matter?” Samantha asked casting a sideways glance and saw the deep concentration etched in his face, “What’s with the serious look, and why are you being so quiet?  I thought you wanted to enjoy the evening and talk?”

“I do, but I don’t know where or how to begin.”

“What do you mean where to begin?  You’ve never been at a loss for words.”

“True.  Yet what I want to share with you now is going to be incredibly difficult for you understand and believe.  It’s important and I’m worried about how you will react – I don’t want to scare you.  It’s imperative that you listen to what I have to say with an open mind.”

Dustin turned toward Samantha, took her wine glass away and sat it on the end table. He clasped her hands in his and waited for her to meet his eyes before saying, “It’s imperative you listen to every word that I have to say with an open mind.”

“Dustin what is it, you’re scaring me.” She whispered.

“I’m sorry, please don’t be scared there is nothing to be scared of. I’m probably going to botch this no matter how hard I try, so please bear with me. Samantha, what I have to say is important and shocking.  I need you listen.  I mean really listen, with an open mind and trust what I have to tell you is very real.  Can you do that for me?”

“Absolutely.  You know you are the most trust-worthy man I’ve ever met.  Go on, just tell me what it is that has you so worked up.”  She said without hesitation.

“Have you ever wondered about your heritage? I mean where you come from what your folks were like?”  Dustin asked.

“Yes, but you know this already. I seem to remember having this conversation with you last week at the coffee shop.”

“I know. It’s just if your natural-born parents raised you I would not be put in this difficult situation.”

“What situation? I don’t understand.  My birth parents have nothing to do with the woman that I am.”

“That’s where you are wrong.”  Frustration got the best of him; he released her hands, stood and began pacing the deck.

“Dustin just tell me already, what is it that has you so on edge and acting like a caged animal ready to flee? What’s really going on here? Did you use your power and connections in the force to obtain personal and confidential information on my birth parents?”  Samantha felt betrayed by the only person she thought she could trust.  The very thought of her privacy being invaded by this man, and what ugly things he might have dug up made her sick to her stomach.  She worked so hard to get where she was today, and was finally able to put the past behind her where it belonged.  She hunched over in the lounge to cradle her head in her hands that were suspended on top of her knee’s to focus on her breathing in an attempt to stifle the panic attack that was threatening to overtake her. With her head down, she murmured, “I hope not, but if you…” Just breathe. “Tell me please.”

“God No! I didn’t do anything like that. I would never abuse my position in the force or investigate your past like that not unless you asked me to. Never, I swear it!”

Shoving his hands through his hair and pulling at them from the roots, he turned his back on her and looked out to the forest at a loss as he  searched for the right words to say. “Let me start with a question.  Do you believe there are things in this world not known to humanity?  I mean extraordinary things, living things amongst us, which go undetected all around us?”

His unusual question distracted her from the pending panic attack.  She lifted her head to see his big frame stamp out her view of the moon and responded, “Humph, I haven’t really given it much thought.  You mean like aliens or something?”

“No.  Not aliens, but yeah something like that. Let me put it another way.  Do you believe people, humans I mean, can possess special abilities or gifts from Mother Nature?”

“Sure, I believe people have special abilities like; ESP and Telepathy and what’s that thing when folks can communicate with the spirits of the dead?  Oh and those who have the ability to move things with their minds, like the kids in The Matrix. Those are all very real and extraordinary gifts. Why?”

Her response and willingness to believe in these things delighted him, and he said with a broad smile, “Mother Nature is a phenomenal beauty and there is far more extraordinary wonders in this world than you can imagine.” Relieved he returned to sit, but this time he squeezed right in beside her. Running his fingers through his hair, he cocked his head to the side and looked down at her with a questioning look in his eyes and continued with a sly grin, “All of the things you have shared with me about the recent changes you’ve been experiencing such as your increased appetite, inability to sleep, hot flashes, sensitivity to sounds and scents—” His train of thought was derailed when a pink tongue darted out to moisten full plump lips and trapped the bottom one behind a dainty white incisor.


The story must go on, yet the dialogue still feels a little forced or stiff to me.   As always, I appreciate your company and hope you come back soon for another visit. Kindly, let me know if it feels stiff for you too?  

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