Scythe (repost)

                At the twilight Under a magical guise Carrying her enchanted scythe She moved stealthily throughout the night Tracking down the corrupted and served destruction Under the pretense that she was the bearer of the righteous light At morning’s dawn, she laid down her blade, and prayed forContinue reading “Scythe (repost)”


X is for… Xanadu and its original poem written by: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in 1798. Kubla Khan In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree: Where Alph, the sacred river, ran Through caverns measureless to man Down to a sunless sea. So twice five miles of fertile ground With walls and towers were girdledContinue reading “Xanadu”

Wacky Writers!

W is for… Wacky Writers We are not just bloggers; we serve a purpose and have the courage to chase after our dreams. We are all writers at heart with unique and interesting stories to tell and share with the world at large. I’ve never met a writer who didn’t enjoy reading too, which makesContinue reading “Wacky Writers!”

Up’s and Down’s

U is for… Up’s and Down’s   Life is full of surprises But you already know this   Incredible highs floating way up in the sky Walking on the clouds that drift in and out   Smacked down low to the hardened ground Laying helpless collecting fragmented pieces   Enjoy life’s journey and always rememberContinue reading “Up’s and Down’s”

Terrific Community

T is for… Terrific Community I never shut down fully; my mind is constantly on the go, so sitting down to write fiction or a rhyme provides a much-needed escape from reality. Having said that I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the blogging community for embracing my words and me since day one.Continue reading “Terrific Community”

Penelope’s Perilous Prophecy

P is for… Penelope’s Perilous Prophecy Link to Original Photo With shaking hands, Penelope returned her teacup to its saucer and looked around the room at each of the government officials that were packed in tight, like sardines in a tin can. Most were gentleman with a hard kindness reflected in their eyes as theyContinue reading “Penelope’s Perilous Prophecy”

Motivation: Armed and Ready

M is for… Motivation I read “My ‘I Need an Editor’ Rant,” earlier by a blogger that I admire and if you haven’t encountered his page yet you best head on over to visit Mr. Hemmingplay for words of wisdom, laughs, poetry, and great story bits. Any hoot, his post motivated me to put my lazy assContinue reading “Motivation: Armed and Ready”

L’istesso tempo, Espressivo Crescendo and Accelerando – Marcato Fine.

M is for…Music L’istesso tempo, Espressivo Crescendo and Accelerando – Marcato Fine. In the same tempo, with expression increasing in loudness and gradually increasing the speed – marked the end.  

Katie’s Rise

K is for…Katie’s Rise As a member of the lower class, Katie was raised without materialistic luxuries in life because her single mother whom was still as child herself didn’t have the means to provide more than the absolute bare necessities to sustain a meager life consisting of food, shelter, and clothing. Not once didContinue reading “Katie’s Rise”

Justice and Mating Collides

J is for… Justice and Mating Collides, my neglected WIP novel that I haven’t touched since 3/28/14, so here’s the next (very) short installment hot off the press.  Feel free to visit their home page linked above for more. Without speaking a word Sam took the lead and found her way out of the denseContinue reading “Justice and Mating Collides”


I is for… Inside Inside Abandoned In the black A place to hide Windows sealed Entry boarded up No trespassing sign Solid walls constructed Keeping up my defenses Restricting your entrance Posting ignored Boundary breached A human battleground Wielded determination Resolve, strength and kindness Pulled me out of the sheltered segregation Easing the pain andContinue reading “Inside”


H is for… Hearts H is for… Haiku H is… the eighth letter in the alphabet, so I share with you eight heart-shaped-haiku’s. My heart beats for you Every day and night, I give All I am to you Accelerated Heartbeats when you approach me Happy fluttering Whispers in the night Breath tickles and teethContinue reading “Hearts”

Gas Station

G is for…Gas Station (Warning may be leading to disturbing content)  This A to Z challenge has given me permission and the motivation I needed to toy with some of the previous works started, neat! I’m hoping it’s worthwhile and I can’t wait to see where they lead me to, for an introduction to goodContinue reading “Gas Station”

Fiona the Fairy

F is for… Fiona the Fairy Fiona checked out of action with the Dragon-hand at the stroke of fifty-years for vacation. Opting for beauty-sleep, she bypassed the beach to the enchanted forest to rest her fatigued wings. Atop of the cottage she slept for a week and woke with a renewed energy for mischief andContinue reading “Fiona the Fairy”

C is for….Consuming client conferences

C is for…. Consuming client conferences that leave me with virtually no time for creative writing. However, that’s really okay because spending face-to-face time with clients exchanging information is critical to the success of any business. At the end of the day everyone must interact with consumers in order to sell themselves, their products, services,Continue reading “C is for….Consuming client conferences”

Help Me Choose A Theme

I need a plan!  Even if things don’t go according to the plan, and they rarely do, I still need a plan in place because that’s the kind of gal that I am. March seems to be flying by at warp-speed, so I haven’t got much time left to waste.  With that being said, kindlyContinue reading “Help Me Choose A Theme”