🍅 tomāto, tomăto, tomatoes – #Tanka

We are all vibrant
A myriad of colors

Harmful free radicals found
In humanities garden



I stopped at the pond
To reflect
The trails and tribulations
Of the days events

Notwithstanding regrets
I’d paid witness
To a spectacular sunset
Off to the west

A nod of approval in effect
For time well spent
Unwinding on our descent
Forgiveness, never forgets

Sweet Tart

When life gives you lemons
It’d be a real shame
To make boring lemonade
With a squeeze of citrusy heaven

That’d be sort of lame
When there’s so much more
Just waiting to be made
As tastebuds would say, explore

These Meyers beauties
Are simply the best
To refresh the experienced,
Yet lazy chef with their zest


Amongst the birds of paradise
Ideas take flight
Back in the kitchen tonight
To satisfy, please and delight

Aplenty stowed as frozen cubes
At the ready, drop and infuse
They’ll decide what to do
When they want to be used


Desert is where I like to start
How about slice of meringue
Sweets always fulfill the heart
No, curd & custard aren’t the same

Ponder that puckered thought
While I add a twist to my cosmopolitan
To top it off until they stop
Thinking about being antioxidants

Free radicals write poetry instead
Sipping on lemon water once again
To purge toxic silliness from my head
Always wanting to be fed and read