Your importance

I appreciate the simple things
How you’re able to relate to me
Instinctively know what it is I need
Then give it to me with relative ease
Quickly understand what I mean
Even how you can read in between
These lines to see importance to me
All the while making my heart sing

Rough roads ~ #poem


May your path be deliberate
As you travel the forsaken roads
Following intuition where it goes
For a chance at something different

May you have all of your faculties
As you consider the pros and cons
Avoid being played as someone’s pawn
Restricted and taken as a casualty

May the benefits outweigh the risks
As you enter the uncharted territories
Navigate competition with your lorries
On adventures you don’t want to miss

May you have the courage to go
May you have the wisdom to know
May you have the endurance to grow
Until you’ve made it, your very own

2020 A new decade ~ #poem

Golden shiny Happy New Year

A new decade
Is on its way
Beckoning change

At the end of the day
No need to look away
Let alone be afraid

It’s time to strip away
Pretentious charades
Hate that pervades

Let go of the shame
Relinquish any blame
Allow animosity to fade

Until all that remains
Is yours to take claim
In humanitarian gains

Give out accolades
Watch what you say
Hear what’s conveyed