Haiku #317 – 320

Another blanket of snow, a winter cover white down comforter ~ A sight to be seen glistening on mountain peaks crisp, clad and pristine ~ Clouds retreat, blue skies give way to vibrant sun rays all thoughts melt away ~ A rebirth awaits deep, underneath to spring up near a flowing creek

With exuberance

Your everyday life might not be paradise, and that’s alright When you come to realize it may never be perfect, but it’s always worth it Enjoy the simple pleasures protect your treasures, so they last forever ~~~ Sunrises and sunsets never have any regrets, which we tend to forget Stay snug as a bug inContinue reading “With exuberance”

Singing In The Rain 🌧 ☔️

The ominous clouds were swirling an’ whirling As we set out on this cold, dark dreary morning Winds howled out a treacherous warning All elements of nature urging us not to go Whether it was stubbornness that showed Our routine wouldn’t simply fold against the cold About halfway through we really knew The forecasts andContinue reading “Singing In The Rain 🌧 ☔️”