💩 Calling all crappy poets… #poem

There’s this Kamikaze who flew over me For a suicidal crash landing on my poetry The arrogant, ignorance was a sight to see As such, I snapped it like a paparazzi For the whole damn world to read As a means to an end of everything Hiding behind the safety of touch screens Lacking theContinue reading “💩 Calling all crappy poets… #poem”

Haiku #303-306 (Sunday Mornings)

🌞 Silently we rise In our own time to witness Sunshine at day break ☕️ Sipping hot coffee Reflecting on the nights dream Sweet awakenings 🐕🚨 Quite stillness disturbed Dogs bark, alarms, motors blade All cut thru silence 🕛 Sunday morning slips Far away with household chores Proceeding noon’s break


Her thorns are a mystery each a sweetbrier of history With roots running deep there’s strength in her beliefs She reaches for the sky no rhymes or reasons to justify Thriving in a cold world fighting for space to unfurl Bestowed by unique beauty I find myself beguilingly on duty Barren of emotional leaves yetContinue reading “Floss-silk”