Holy fire 🔥🙏🔥

My eyes turn To the ominous sky As a plane drops Out of sight Wind whips tendrils Against my face Swirling thoughts Fallen from grace Birds flocking north On erratic flights Clouds of smoke Rain, ashes white Red is the sun Blazing a trail of heat Stamping out life We desperately need https://www.google.com/amp/s/abc7.com/amp/4000-acre-fire-near-trabuco-canyon-is-2-percent-contained/3899892/  

My Cup Runneth Over

Sometimes I don’t even know When my cuppa life overflows With substance others can’t hold Until I am reminded and told By the envious eyes that behold The rich, sweetness that shows To those who lost control and let go Now standing naked and alone Wandering souls and haters exposed As I fill their cupsContinue reading “My Cup Runneth Over”