Half-full 🥂 ~ #Tanka

When the clock strikes twelve
We’ll kiss another farewell
Promise to do well

Giving optimism a chance
Before emptying the glass


Smoked Shrimp 🦐 🍤

We’re all just shrimps
Swimming from the abyss
Getting tossed into mix
After heads & tails are pinched
Then discarded & ditched

Rush through life too quick
Find your fingers sorely pricked
It’s a risk worth a few sticks
Eating rich with a flavor kick
Infusing your favorite dish

Simmer until you know it’s done
When bodies come together as one

🎁 Gifts exchanged

Come sit with me awhile
Share that warm, radiant smile
Let’s exchange our best gifts
On the times we’ve spent

The stockings are overflowing
With luxuries of knowing
Stuffed full with the memories
Of which you’ve given plenty

The present’s perfectly wrapped
With a bow, as matter of fact
Holding our surprises together
To cherish these moments forever