The Invasion 👽

No matter how safe you feel
the illusion is real
somebody’s waiting to steal
from your ideals


We All Fall 🍁 🍃 🍂 #Haiku

Wind, sun sneaks away
To Autumnal equinox
We all Fall in love

In seasonal bliss
Infusing our pumpkin spice
Morning, noon and night

Stirring up pleasures
Meant for cuddling up weather
Each year together


Sparkling ✨ 🍾 🥂 #Haiku

Brut Chardonnay tops
Citrus characters linger
On tongue to finish


Sweet & Lite

Rich, roasted berries
Hand selected, ground and brewed
Each sip elevates

Sweetened thoughts of awareness
With velvet contemplation


Some People #1

Will always try
Flexing their might
Attempting to hold you down
To push you around
Now is not the time to be shy,
So stand your ground


It’s a girl…

Two years ago, last month
My heart was punctured & crushed
I still miss HER  so much

Yet I’m ready for another pup
I’ve waited long enough
My heart’s already filling up

Only she’s barely 3 weeks old
And needs more time to grow
Before I can bring her home

She sent this selfie for show
Said to tell y’all hello
And she can’t wait to run her chateau