Morning Hummingbird Visit

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Red silk kimono
Attracts the morning humming
Bird to my shoulder

Perhaps, it wasn’t
The flowers or bright colors,
But the sweet center



I’m tired of being a slave to the fat
Its weight always holding me back
Consequently, I am taking this path
Hoping to find my freedom at last
As I  get my health back on track
Leaving nothing in life to chance


Walk with me (Pics+ Haikus)

Wildflowers abound
Roaming the outskirts of town
Thriving without sound
Dotting the landscape
Of California terrain
Cheering up my day

If anyone knows what that last one is please enlighten me.


Honed Prowess

She’ll never just rollover onto her back
Because she’s the alpha female of the pack
Asserting her dominance at the hint of an attack
Standing her ground, the low vibrations sound
A warning growl, reverberating turn around
Fail to heed now, you’ll be taken down


The falcon soars

I hear the drums beat
In the heat of the city streets
The sounds of world flutes
Fluttering  curtains and leaves
Of the tall oak tree
Out the window of my room
A native chant calls with every flap
Carried upon a falcons back
Reminding me to look and see
Find the inner peace
That elevates me


Hashtag #Instagram -Haiku

Some do not exist
In the universe unless
Pictures are posted