Predator of The Night

Crawling along your spine It’s only a matter of time The nights howling wind Calls to the beast within Under the eclipsed moon Shape shifting will begin Shredded clothing strewn A shocking transformation Beyond wild imagination The hunger pangs persist Impulses won’t be denied Sleek predator of the night Keen senses easily guide Salivating forContinue reading “Predator of The Night”

Mirror, Mirror… – pt.ii

Mirror, Mirror…pt. 1 Somebody please tell me, I wanna know. Where did all the years escape and go? I thought time was supposed to slow. I can’t really be forty-five years OLD! There’s no way, it doesn’t seem right But I’ve checked the math a dozen times Looked in the mirror where I saw theContinue reading “Mirror, Mirror… – pt.ii”

Salon Saloon

She tries to greet every patron With a smile of appreciation Masking the standing situation Of how badly her feet are aching Instead she thinks of her creations And an upcoming vacation It’s Friday afternoon Every seat in the room is nearly taken Rows of women line the floor Manning their stations Mixing obnoxious concoctionsContinue reading “Salon Saloon”