I never could spell correctly,
So I write it phonetically
At least the way it sounds to me
On the off chance you come to read
Hoping that I’ll make you believe
In my truths and lies, respectfully



I’ll provide the illusions
If you’ll draw a conclusion
With your rudimentary intrusion

In the light we’ll persist
To believe though we’re remiss
With finer details, so easily dismissed

Yet we still exist in the dark
Pinching corners of our heart
Where wrong and right ain’t far apart

Pumpkin Everything

Tis the season for sugar and spice
Sweetening everything the way I like
It goes well beyond traditional pie
Flavoring coffee, cookies and popcorn?
Now that’s something I’ve gotta try


It’s That Time

When days swiftly fade to night
We think about the coming fright
Plan our dress up to play pretend
It’s the beginning of this year’s end
Ready to pass by in a blink of an eye
Then it’ll be time to do it all again




Earlier the nights
Harvesting bountiful crops
Southward Equinox
Colors shed with fallen leaves
Lulling toward winters sleep

-Tanka repost. Happy 1st day of fall, my favorite season!



My OCD is chasing me
Invading my day dreams
No chemicals to imbalance
Working grime relentlessly
Applying my elbow grease
To achieve sparkly and clean


Twilight Zone


How many days turn

To sleepless nights

That pass us by

In a blink of an eye

Unable to discern

What’s wrong or right


Open the windows

Let the light shine

Breathe in fresh air

Exhale toxic cares

Sink into the pillows

As the terminator aligns