Protests Rage (repost)

You had the ability to stifle much of this anger By simply modifying your nonchalant demeanor Express a symptom of human compassion and remorse For ending a life early, in the line of duty, you enforced Words you so carefully choose with an inexpressive face Reflects solely on your disgrace and fuels community rage BreakContinue reading “Protests Rage (repost)”

One Word Photo Challenge: Ceiling

All of these feelings Are trapped against the ceiling Holding my love within a noose Under humility’s roof Folded within a paper house Sealed forever in doubts Right out of the Victorian era Shrouded in night terrors A tale thousand times told You know how the story goes Table tops and book covers Nestled inContinue reading “One Word Photo Challenge: Ceiling”


Navigating aquatic passageways Following the muted light rays Shining above the calm surface Breaking through with purpose Tangled in life’s painful ropes Restricting the breath of hope Sinking back into depths below Following channels that flow Emerging over and over again Frightened kids, we call men Struggling to swim upstream A daily occupational regime InContinue reading “Inhalation”