Right to Live (To Love)


The Lightning and The Fire

you got a right to Live
a right to Love
A right to fight back
to push and shove
all the evil in this world
that wants to hold us down
the jarring sounds
of bullets piercing windows
penetrating skin and bone
Love over Hate
Togetherness over


Heavy Hearts this weekend
tears prayers and thoughts
all generic in nature
and department store bought

Heat that burns on
from 1000 suns
death and destruction
from all the guns
you manufacture
prop up
and try and sell
The Constitution you defend
and tend
to dwell

live on
because you’re
always right
but the ones you love
and have loved

not forgotten
among all the rotten
in this world
a boy who dared to love a boy
a boy who dared to love at all
and bullets that

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What goes up, must come down


It’s not a race, so set your own pace
One step at a time, choose your days
All I need is once or twice a week
To know that I will begin to achieve
Again, and then go to places I forgot
Wondering why it was I ever stopped
These aren’t the prettiest city views
But these hills will do and get used
Going up makes every muscle yell
Coming down is scarier than hell


Democracy Hypocrisy

What happened to equality
The gender neutral normalcy
That thrived on democracy

We fought to have a vote
Now we can’t support our own
Where did women’s rights go

Like a pendulum you swing
Destroying everything
We have built, it’s belittling

You need to shut your trap
If you give this to that man
This nation will soon collapse

Perspectives of the Beast

Wow I’m honored by this great response poetry! Hope y’all enjoy reading this piece like I did.


I love the closing lines on this one, “Strong beating heart found to give chase Incisors laid, jugular vein, razor sharp.”

I loved the idea. The iconic image of London’s dogs of the wild. Maybe the real wolves run wall street.

Response Poetry:

And the rolling topography

With its subtle curves

Has become oppressive

Under the gaze of big brother.

The cold metallic wolves

Eating bit after bite

Of the earthen crust

Species of predators

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To crucify the totems

We once worshiped

Watchful eyes roam landscapes dark Attentive ears tune into its mark A serious game played, hunting prey As hunger pains echo from the day The warning growl silences singing lark Strong beating heart found to give chase Incisors laid, jugular vein, razor sharp

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