Flamingo Pink – CYW

Think! It’s Flamingo Pink There’s no rhyme That comes to mind “So What,” she sings Young girls believe Wearing VS fashions Splayed across asses How did this happen? The Pink Panther A cartoon character, Or a mixed drink? Both bring laughter On painted lips, And kept fingertips Driving Barbie’s car This has gone too far -InContinue reading “Flamingo Pink – CYW”

Serenity Found

She set out to cross the country Over treacherous mountain ranges With a manageable, steady gait Covered over thirty miles each day Till she found her final destination A serene place she wanted to stay Climbing up to the plateaus edge Pictured the view and took a look Clean, untouched forest for a den PaddedContinue reading “Serenity Found”

MIND + GAMES = Knowledge, Discovery & Entertainment in Thought

There are two slots waiting to be filled and one of them could be you…If you’re interested, brave and think you’ve got what it takes to win The Mind Games follow the link and enter your name as a contender and jump into the inspiring ring of fire! What if the journey were of knowledgeContinue reading “MIND + GAMES = Knowledge, Discovery & Entertainment in Thought”