Springtime is coming


I got real dirty
Spring is in a big hurry
Day spent gardening

New color splashes
Greenery, white and purple
Simple extravagance

Sago palms center
Of attention cornering
Both ends for balance

Fertilized the dormant
Bulbs giving Fire Dancers hope
For annual show

Oh my aching back
The tomatoes have to wait
It’s time to relax


A Taste of Summer


Sweeping in from the high-deserts
Carried in the arms of Santa Ana
Strong gusts rising shirts and skirts
Taking pollution out to sea and Tijuana

Without a cloud in sight, all blue skies
Bring out flip flops and BBQ cookouts
In winter months, California sun shines
Life here is good if there were any doubts

A native I will stay even if I moved away
I would keep coming back for a holiday