Merry Christmas

The presents are all wrapped It comes and goes in a flash Freeze it in a frame, so it lasts Remember to enjoy and laugh You can always take stuff back *** Live in the holy spirit of giving Let go of the heavy misgivings Tis the season for love, forgiving Lighten up to joyous beginningsContinue reading “Merry Christmas”

Rising Star: How Oscar Plascencia & Rebecca Lemke Started a War

Perhaps, I could’ve won it all, but I didn’t and was the seventh to fall. Regardless, it was an honor to partake in this competition. Here’s the insider…The Story Within The Story. The Golden Chase/Silver Fleece Union of Round 3, had predicted how Round 8 would end. Source: Rising Star: How Oscar Plascencia & RebeccaContinue reading “Rising Star: How Oscar Plascencia & Rebecca Lemke Started a War”

DIY <$20: Wash, Bake & Paint

  I had a lone pine cone, which sat on my patio table for months. After each bout of rain I watched it close-up and bloom again when the sun came shining. Then one day, my Mother asked, “What are you going to do with this stupid thing?” I replied, “I’m keeping it because I’mContinue reading “DIY <$20: Wash, Bake & Paint”