The Fighter

When vile negativity gets the best of me Hesitation and doubt damages inner peace I try to ward it off, yet I can’t make it stop It’s a mental lock that blocks all my thoughts Pinning me down against the cold, hard ground Think! The bell sounds, I ready for another round Stronger than before,Continue reading “The Fighter”

Inventive Subjugation

  Here I stand at a crossroads Staring off into the distance, As I wait patiently and listen Loyally, for the next episode Commanding are rules to role I struggle with the instructions It’s the bane of self-destruction Governing beyond my control I let the true stories unfold Taking a path of insistence Though there’llContinue reading “Inventive Subjugation”

Tribute to Nigeria (replay/update/thanks)

Art by Issac Willie Oh Nigeria, you’ve taught me to believe in something much bigger than me, you brought the meaning of community and wealth by investing in family. The descendants of the Mother Land continue to rise despite the teardrops and bloodshed spelt on fertile soil during the darkest of times its people prosper andContinue reading “Tribute to Nigeria (replay/update/thanks)”

Day 309: 3 Words

Against ourselves and with others we compete for the appropriate number of clicks as if doing measurements by numbers will somehow elongate our short sticks, which break the spirit when there are no clicks, so do yourself a favor and disregard the numbers while doing what you like, it beats any stick Words used:Continue reading “Day 309: 3 Words”