Let’s Play

All she wanted was a friend
Somebody that would play
To assuage isolated days
Yet everybody just ran away
Rousing evil living within
Now, she plays with her prey

Hair drapes a hideous face
Victims bashed with heavy lead
In the head, but not for dead
There’s a night of play ahead
Limp bodies towed to her place
Blood trails marking a field red

Chained at the end of the hall
With each swing the evil swells
Dreadful weeps turn into yells
Sufferings’ beg and plead help
Plasma drips from every wall
Malicious spirits rise from hell

Chasing the Dream – Competition/Collaboration

Written by: Kelly Lewis
Performed by: John Akers (my nephew & Rock Star)

When you can’t wait any longer to figure it out
Or for someone else to show you around
Cause all you have is right here and now
You don’t know how, but make that vow

Keep chasing the dream
Of who you’re meant to be

Stumble alone through defeated crowds
Pour your bleeding heart out, loud
Fight to standout and get it all down
With both feet on the ground get lost within the sound

Keep chasing the dream
Of who you’re meant to be

Raise your voice above the noise
Working hard to tear down and destroy
The fantasy of living reality
Of who you’re destined to be

Original piece featured on 10/25/15, in A star is born: an all around artist as part of a competition for 2015 Best Performance of The Year in The Neighborhood. This week’s performances pushed artistic boundaries out of the zone. I composed my first song, and a brilliant 14 year-old wrote accompanying music and recorded it in record time, under 24 hours. The voting polls are still open, please click on the links above to view the entire show and cast your vote(s). As of the half-way point I was climbing to the top, and was last reported at #2.  Let’s try to make this a #1 Hit, tell all of your friends ~ Thank you! 🙂

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A Glimpse of Me

I often forget what I’ve written until it’s brought to my attention. This was shared last week on other platforms, and this “queen” wants to be fair to all in her kingdom, so it shall be reblogged in WP too – lol. I hope you enjoy, this was fun to write and share.

Exclusive Inflictions

11 of 31 OctPoWriMo

You believe you can see
Who I am; what I’m about
Maybe you have no doubts
You got me all figured out
But what you see isn’t me
Rightly, I sit back and flout

Go ahead and take a peek
See what you wish to believe
Words are often misconceived
Purposely meant to deceive
May you find what you seek
Once you are done please leave

I’ll be here when you return
Holding the smoke-screen
For your expected routine
It’s what I see; I’m not mean
I understand the concerns
As I am the righteous queen

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Drum Roll Please…The Results

My Lovelies,

You’ve gone and done it, and made me one happy gal. I’m pleased to report that I was able to maintain my position at #4 this week thanks to so many of you!  


Falling Star: Send in the Clown – 2nd Stage Fall

Sadly, we must say farewell to special artists, Robert Goldstein, in this round of the competition.

Be sure to visit Robert’s site where his artistic expressions are thriving and well.

Source: Falling Star: Send in the Clown – 2nd Stage Fall

Our Legacy

Forlorn is the spirit that does not have a home
Within a beating heart of another to call its own
Seeking permanent shelter the weary soul roams
Through emotional turmoil heightened by alone

Personal endeavors that drive strangers together
Divine powers intercede to raise an eternal dynasty
Creating strong family bonds that endure forever
Values and traditions bestowed upon a living legacy

Extending ourselves to others exchanging needs
Surrounded by people with intellectual variety
Gatherings in communities by those who believe
In forming distinct units within larger society

Wealthy are the hearts with cultural immunity
Held together by rich diversity’s home of beauty

(c) Kelly Lewis 2015

This was written for The Neighborhood as part of a competition show that I featured in last night with eight other nominees. If you enjoyed this piece please go to A star is born – solo performances to see the other performers. I appreciate your readership and support!

Update: Performance of the Year – Competition

Last week, I managed not to be eliminated in the first round of voting show-cased on A star is born – the photo op for this year’s “Performance of the Year” at The Public Blogger and secured 4th place thanks to all of you!


Round two of eliminations begin tomorrow night on Sunday October 18th, at 7:00 PM PT. This week’s show will feature solo and collaborative performances and I expect the remaining eight (nine including myself) artists to deliver award worthy performances, which you won’t want to miss. I’ll share the show here; so that you can take it all in and then cast your votes at the polls even if it’s not for me.


An audio shout-out from Hip Hop artist and competitor, H-Y Loco, and links to the (remaining) nominees sites: