Good evening, the dress is lovely I would rather cut off my own limb Than ruin a healthy lustrous mane Or taint that delicately scented skin Sedatives still course, so get comfy Other men will soon topple in the pen Whilst we sit to dine and play games A righteous feast, for flesh eating pigs


I can’t staunch these tears that flow Heavy, my head is held to the pillow Staring out, through a sunny window It was you, there from the ground Who always lifted me up when down Now it’s just emptiness with no sound That clickety-clack tap against tiles Rushing down the hall to bring me smilesContinue reading “Monkeyface”


If only it were a fair democracy without the hypocrisy Of self-righteous indignation fueling an ignorant nation With white lies testified behind protective laws they hide Recored sights shared, the media flares to new heights Take a stand against hate crimes it’s time get off the fence Step up and choose a side, do what’sContinue reading “Corruptible”