Graceful Blue

Blue moon: I must be out of tune cause I didn’t hear you, so I’ll reuse this post in salute.  

Graceful Blue.

Mustn’t Run Away


Grinding his molars as he cleans the blade
Looks into the mirror with rage on his face
It was a good day till she tried to get away
Unable to run or walk, now she’ll have to stay

Watches her face distort as she lies and dreams
Remembering how the whiskey made her scream
Doused on bottoms of sliced feet, and then cleaned
Mesmerized by the blood seeping at the seams

The pungent smell of sulfur and smokes help him to relax
As he throws a few more burning amber shots back
Reclining in his lazy-boy chair he begins to laugh
Reliving the entire scene, amused by her helpless attack

-Jack really wishes I’d let him out more to play…he hates being stowed away.

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Block Party

Last year’s holiday post when the weather was horribly hot and humid. It’s forecasted to be cooler today in the 90’s but with 59% humidity…yuck!

Exclusive Inflictions

It - Pennywise the Dancing Clown (2013) It – Pennywise the Dancing Clown (2013)

Finally, I can sit back and relax and tip my glass as the boys begin to play their games.  Perched on a lawn chair, with other spectators, I await the spectacular fire-show that is about to unfold. It is about time to see the pretty lights.  The sun is almost set, and it sits behind me to the west. The air is calm, and the only breeze that kisses my bare knees is from the little feet that stir-up the air as they run around me. I fidget in my seat and scratch like I have fleas. The blasted heat is stifling, the abnormal humidity is suffocating and so I must drink, you see, to get some relief.  I am woman, so my skin is dewy and wet, and don’t you dare call it sweat if you know what is best because at…

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Boom Boom Boom!

Plastic bag clouds float by revealing a clear, bright blue sky. The sun now shines in your eyes lighting up the night. Elevated and accelerated soaring like a bottle rocket; moves so quick one might think I had firecrackers in my pocket. Light the spinning flower to see colors bloom.

Have a Happy, Safe and Sane 4th of July!



~A fifty word story