Accept These Haiku’s As True

You are amazing
Capable of everything
If you’d only see

The complete beauty
In reaching full potential
It’s not coincidental

It’s intentional
Forget the superficial
Accept who you are

-A few haiku’s

The Waiting

Art by: Zemotion

Art by: Zemotion

Charged for crimes she didn’t commit

She refused to give up her only consent

Holding strong to her innate dark magic

Denying to use it as her defense was tragic

Held captive beneath the earth’s vile floor

Evil spilled each day seeping to the core

It was a long tortuous penance she paid

For the power carried as she walked away

In response to photo prompt #66 over at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


Topic: Those Quirky Rules of Grammar and Punctuation

Once upon a time, I shared insights and tid-bits from the monthly writers club meetings that I attend regularly, and since I haven’t written much on my own lately I thought it might be a good time to pick that habit back up.  So tune in next week when I share information acquired from the learning session… I’m hopeful that my serial comma offender will be incarcerated for life.