The Waiting

Charged for crimes she didn’t commit She refused to give up her only consent Holding strong to her innate dark magic Denying to use it as her defense was tragic Held captive beneath the earth’s vile floor Evil spilled each day seeping to the core It was a long tortuous penance she paid For theContinue reading “The Waiting”

Topic: Those Quirky Rules of Grammar and Punctuation

Once upon a time, I shared insights and tid-bits from the monthly writers club meetings that I attend regularly, and since I haven’t written much on my own lately I thought it might be a good time to pick that habit back up.  So tune in next week when I share information acquired from theContinue reading “Topic: Those Quirky Rules of Grammar and Punctuation”

Sunshine & Rainbows

Refining the process until it’s just right Building the future and making history By banning together with all our might Claiming a cause and action publicly   Sunshine today shines bright in the night Lighting up the space with our abilities To innovate and win the judicial fight Holding natural sources of electricity   CleverContinue reading “Sunshine & Rainbows”