A New Worth

I have to ask what’s the measure of self-worth
Is it dependent on what others really think
How can it be a fair gage of what you deserve
Only a weak slave to society follows and serves

Life lessons never learned nor truthfully taught
Commercial adds & trendy thoughts easily bought
Into communal expectations without hesitation
Drowning out feelings with the optimal sedation

Disregarding the root rot infection of this nation
Poisoning susceptible young minds at gestation
It’s time for separation to discover a new worth
Something meaningful with a purpose on this earth

Published by Kelly

“I’m just a girl in the world…that’s all you’ll let me be...” Southern California Native who gets in trouble for sarcasm, suffers from bouts of OCD, and listens to an eclectic range of music really, really loud especially while driving too fast. Turn up the Rap, R&B, Punk, Billy, Indie, Alternative, Classic, Folk, Metal, and Grunge, Melodic, Industrial, Electronic, Soul and so on you get the point.

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