Elizabeth’s Adventures (pt.1)

  There once was a girl who wandered deep into the forest and discovered a clearing covered with black scorched rocks that glistened under the harsh sun like brilliant onyx gems. Beyond the jagged rocks she spotted what appeared to be the mouth of cave. Curious, the girl slung her sack full of books andContinue reading “Elizabeth’s Adventures (pt.1)”


Sounds Move me I play them Repeatedly Creating new and lasting memories To carry me through tragedy and grief Sweet melodies Release my Tensions Free   ~Tetractys   I’d like to thank Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for introducing this new poetry form through a challenge!  There’s something for everyone, so go visit their site for inspiration.

A New Worth

I have to ask what’s the measure of self-worth Is it dependent on what others really think How can it be a fair gage of what you deserve Only a weak slave to society follows and serves Life lessons never learned nor truthfully taught Commercial adds & trendy thoughts easily bought Into communal expectations withoutContinue reading “A New Worth”

Mother’s Day

  My mother was always there Offering me her guidance even                       Through the years of silence Her presence, I carried with me Eternally, and I’m grateful for our Reunion after many years lost in ‘Solitude and miserable darkness   Discovering the light of day               Always in new-found strength Yesterdays are washed away   ~Acrostic