Snow Flows


Swift moving meadows
Glistening under the sun
Hints of spring, snow flows

Hurry, Hurry!

Get your tickets now

Our scandalous performance

Will hit the stage soon

 theduetvisual2 copy This epic event is Directed and Produced by Kendall F. Person, so be sure to visit and follow who’s site is known by the community as simply The Neighborhood, for the original broadcast and much, much more! Also, please take a moment to meet and greet my incredibly talented and patient dance partner, Oscar Alejandro Plascencia through his (mature) site In So Many Words.



It’s not a feeling of sadness

It invokes a pure gladness

In dazzling crystalline hues

It provides clarity to views


Blue doesn’t bring you down

It’s the menacing grey clouds

That weighs heavily up above

Always pushing with a shove


Tears spill over like raindrops

At times it’s difficult to stop

But when the clouds dissipate

It’s true happiness to anticipate


~I heard a helicopter flying by (see it?) this morning, so I stepped outside and was gripped by the brilliant blue sky.


Percolating beans
Slow roasted for my machine
Vitalizing coffee steams
Steaming hot liquid
Breathes energy into me
Waking up happy
One will never do
I simply must have two cups
To tackle this new day
Fully leaded drink
Mixed extra creamy and sweet
My daily retreat
Savoring each drop
Stretching the time spent sipping
Until I must go



Red, Red Wine


Oh how you make me feel fine

Relaxed without a single care

One could boldly dare, at times 

Under burgundy stimulus

Floating through the universe

It’s hard to control impulses 

Wanting to right every wrong

Determining best intentions

While loudly singing anthem songs

Eventually, she will go to sleep

Falling silent through the night

After she explores the deep

Barrels of the finer wine

Crafted with deceptive illusion

That the stars and moon do align

All Great Fortune’s


It’s been a long-standing tradition that every time you read a fortune out loud that you append “In Bed,” to make it more… shall we say, entertaining. However, while entertaining potential clients it hardly seemed appropriate to honor aforementioned tradition, yet I couldn’t help but adding it in my mind. Apparently, this tradition is shared by many others because the young lady sitting next to me leaned in to show me her fortune and whispered at my ear, “If only fortunes were true, I wouldn’t be sitting here next to you.” I couldn’t help but sinker as I read her fortune; “Your destined love has arrived and will take care of you forever, “In Bed.””



~A quickie in response to Ermilia’s Picture It & Write

Our Beautiful World


My sight is filled with the wondrous colors of the world. Luscious greenery surrounds and produces oxygen to breathe, which fills our lungs with the precious life. Various shades of brown offering rich, nutrient soil that allows the seeds sowed to take root and grow bounties to strengthen life. Ominous grey clouds that hang over purposely to pour down to replenish the parched land and lips. The vibrant colors of flowers and herbs scenting the air, flavoring our dishes, brightening our spirits, and providing home-made remedies. It’s amazing really, the natural beauty that is available to be seen, everywhere.


~In 100 words precisely.