Sweet Dreams

There once was a young woman who was born to peasants. Her parents worked hard each day for their daily bread. The family was quite poor, but the girl had three outfits to choose and two would remain hanging in the shared armoire. Every night, no matter how tired her Pa was from the hardContinue reading “Sweet Dreams”

Night Screams

Secrets are shrouded in the rising mist Cool comfort is carried on breeze through trees Drawing curious into make-believe Where everything is apt past the abyss Upon entry the tree limbs groan and hiss Reality shifts to what you must see Vast possibilities are conceived Fantasyland provides your vital bliss Captured deep in the hungryContinue reading “Night Screams”


Depleted, Nixie collapsed in the middle of the road while taking an evening stroll. She enjoyed the California heat, sunshine, and palm trees that swayed, but living in the desert took its toll leaving the land and water sprite dehydrated. Forcing the gods to pour down and revive them both. *A fifty-word story for thisContinue reading “Parched”

Time Out

Attempting to get a grip He strikes another match Watches the flame flicker As it burns his fingertips Pondering his possession Before igniting his cigarette Hanging freely from his lip She’s chained in the basement Her muffled cries are heard While he savors a burning sip Of whiskey as her blood drips ~This is aContinue reading “Time Out”

Divesting Troubles

Without fail, she calls out every night Beckoning with her powerful light Shining brightly in the vast black sky Beholding beauty reflected in your eyes ~ Standing out amongst a galaxy of stars She always finds you and is never too far To hear the many prayers of her children Sustained by her sister, MotherContinue reading “Divesting Troubles”

Sweet Luxuries

Mind-blowing bubblegum kisses stretch across the distance Streaking across the evening sky to dance before my eyes Wrapped in raspberry blue purée at the end of the day Surgery, sweet luxuries keep me moving my feet There is always beauty to be seen, it’s our duty To recognize by being open to simple meaning AcceptingContinue reading “Sweet Luxuries”

Passing Through

Welcoming every day With dignity and grace Favoring to wear a smile Lighting up the cold space Sharing a simple journey With dedicated purpose Living by commandments A truly exquisite person Occurrence here on earth In our individual forms Is imperfect, yet precious Family and friends adorn Carrying out a mission Singing for his gloryContinue reading “Passing Through”