I’m Thankful For…

Opening up my eyes and being alive Covers to keep me warm in a storm Pantry and fridge with many options Family and friends that I can depend Healthy body and mind to strengthen Struggles and challenges to overcome Opportunities to be a better person The almighty that keeps me thriving  Freedom and liberty to expressContinue reading “I’m Thankful For…”

Protests Rage

You had the ability to stifle much of this anger By simply modifying your nonchalant demeanor Express a symptom of human compassion and remorse For ending a life early, in the line of duty, you enforced Words you so carefully choose with an inexpressive face Reflects solely on your disgrace and fuels community rage Break yourContinue reading “Protests Rage”

A Snippet & Thought

“There’s nothing here…But off in the distance, maybe across the stream, I can hear something. Movement. Perhaps some sort of small animal.” She scrunched her eyes shut tighter, furrowing her brows in concentration, “Yes, I think it’s a small animal of some sort. Roaming. Slowly. Grazing. That’s weird; I shouldn’t be able to hear anyContinue reading “A Snippet & Thought”

Mother In Need

Dealing with the constant abuse Making up worthless excuses Day after day choosing to stay Lacking the courage to walk away  ~ Exploding under the cover of night Defenseless against a crumpling strike Past out cold from the solid blows Awakens to see her children know ~ Discovering an internal strength Holding tightly to herContinue reading “Mother In Need”

Stunning Rays

Drifting and coming together Rolling with the gentle breeze Beautiful cool autumn weather An occasion to appease ~ As far as the eye can see Life, and a new beginning Troubles carried out to sea Standing tall, proud and grinning ~ Sunlight breaking through the haze Showing me where I’m needed Warming me with itsContinue reading “Stunning Rays”