26 of 31 OctPoWriMo

Liz was a delicate doll

Adult woman, yet small

Her beauty enthralled

Leaving Jack appalled

It was a dreadful brawl

He hit her curled in a ball

To the phone she crawled

She tried to make a call

No! On a drunken drawl

He pulled it out of the wall

Then she had a fatal fall

Now she roams these halls

Conjuring shrieking bawls

Reliving her sad befall

Each day at nightfall

Published by Kelly

“I’m just a girl in the world…that’s all you’ll let me be...” Southern California Native who gets in trouble for sarcasm, suffers from bouts of OCD, and listens to an eclectic range of music really, really loud especially while driving too fast. Turn up the Rap, R&B, Punk, Billy, Indie, Alternative, Classic, Folk, Metal, and Grunge, Melodic, Industrial, Electronic, Soul and so on you get the point.

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