My turn to jinx 🙂 luv this xoxo


Something happens on the way

A shimmer in the Air

A shift in the Light

Looking back it seems your drifting away

From the depths there’s an echo

Than this beautiful image pours through

First peek…and life was yet to emerge from the Sea

The allure stirring the tides for all those who set foot on her shores

Rest yourself at the comfort of the Ocean’s edge as the surf rolls in

Strong Wind blowing off the Water

The Moon’s connection with the Tides

Swirling together with a sensual touch

The seduction of the maiden spawns a Masterpiece

She swims towards the Sea of Myth

Glistening under a sheen of a Waterfall

She lives close to the Earth…but hidden

Sometimes helping
Sometimes mischievous
Always exiled

She swims her way through the Water as the Sun climbs over the lip of the World

Surrendering herself once more to the Ocean…

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