The Masquerade

21 of 31 OctPoWriMo
It’s heavier than you might think
continually holding this mask
chasing my dreams and afraid to blink
determined to carry out this task

Arms grow heavy and weak after weeks
of clutching this pointless disguise
pushing limits exploring new techniques
longing to drop it, but know it’s not wise

Wearing an assortment of faces
unable to find the perfect fit
smoothing out the wrinkled places
desperate to hold on, I’ll admit

Fascinated by the masquerade
I gravitate toward those who wait
on the sidelines for the parade
thankful for my chance to create

Published by Kelly

“I’m just a girl in the world…that’s all you’ll let me be...” Southern California Native who gets in trouble for sarcasm, suffers from bouts of OCD, and listens to an eclectic range of music really, really loud especially while driving too fast. Turn up the Rap, R&B, Punk, Billy, Indie, Alternative, Classic, Folk, Metal, and Grunge, Melodic, Industrial, Electronic, Soul and so on you get the point.

2 thoughts on “The Masquerade

    1. I’m glad you could relate, AM. When those urges get rowdy and uncontrollable that’s when the good times roll and the magic starts. I got a lot going on right now, but I hope to read your book soon. 🙂

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