Into Nothing

Light Last night, I looked out into the vast sea of darkness and saw a light off in the distance

I stopped dead in my tracks and kept looking back with an overwhelming sense of dread

Torn between advancing and relapsing; questioning to move forward or to remain in place     

Clinging to the familiar fiends buried within that prevent me from being seen or heard  

Realizing that something is missing, I fight a little harder to make a significant change – starting today

The light is so far away, yet I must be on my way and accept my fate before I fade away   



4 responses to “Into Nothing

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  2. Kelly – Thank you for sharing. I had a good time preparing the Backstage Awards. Like a walk down memory lane. You exist in The Neighborhood on a rare plane. The Meaning of Life was a collaborative effort I will never forget and the way you and Oscar turned a poem into a dazzling duet that became the jewel of opening day. you are noticed. From the Top 7 Performances of the 1/2 year to being one of the truly deserving artists named to the Best Performers of the Year very short list. The Neighborhood is a celebration of you and all the other artists and neighbors and supporters who for whatever reason, came and delivered the best of ourselves. Thank you.

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